Evolution of hot topics in team science / 团队科学中热点主题的演变

By Ying Huang, Ruinan Li, Yashan Li and Lin Zhang

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1. Ying Huang (biography)
2. Ruinan Li (biography)
3. Yashan Li (biography)
4. Lin Zhang (biography

What are the research hotspots in the Science of Team Science (SciTS) field? How have they evolved in the last decade?

We used conference programs from the annual International Science of Team Science (INSciTS) conferences held between 2010-2019 and the CorTexT Platform (https://www.cortext.net/) to select the top terms used with high frequency in the 852 titles and abstracts.

High-frequency terms and their evolution

The top 25 terms and their evolution are shown in Figure 1: evaluation / assessment (89 mentions), team science training (63), leadership (31), communication (30), curriculum (14),community (29), funding (13), mixed methods (13), model (13), Toolbox Project / Toolbox Dialogue Initiative (13), Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) (11), graduate students (11), networks (26), education (20), tools (20), productivity (16), bibliometrics (19), framework (14), gender (11), readiness (8), distributed collaboration (7), multi-team systems (7), research network tools (8), team performance (7), multiple levels (5).

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