Primers provide introductions to 11 of the main topics covered by Integration and Implementation Insights (i2Insights). We aim to produce one primers each year.

A primer on stakeholder engagement was published in 2021 and a primer on understanding diversity was published in 2022. A video primer on understanding diversity was also published as playlist on the i2S YouTube channel, i2S-Talks,  in 2022.

The 11 topics are key to tackling complex societal and environmental problems, with i2Insights publishing contributions by researchers from around the world about helpful methods, frameworks, processes, concepts, theories and competencies for each topic. As introductions, the primers aim to provide a common foundation for the range of i2Insights contributions on each topic, which are diverse in content, style and target audience.

The 11 main topics are:

  • change
  • communication
  • context
  • decision making
  • diversity 
  • integration
  • research implementation
  • stakeholder engagement
  • systems
  • teamwork
  • unknowns.

The primers aim to provide basic understanding and skills for research on a range of complex societal and environmental problems in a variety of contexts. Each primer covers these introductory issues in nine easy-to-read blog posts. A tenth blog post flags more advanced considerations providing links to other i2Insights contributions published on the topic.

Comments on each blog post are very welcome, including examples and lessons, other tips for beginners, and general feedback and critique.

The primers aim to kick-start ongoing work to:

  • overcome the fragmentation of knowledge and skills about each topic, so that researchers can build on an agreed body of knowledge rather than re-inventing the wheel
  • make accessible the best-available methods, frameworks, processes, concepts and theories to build high-quality competencies.