i2Insights Ambassadors

Meet our i2Insights Ambassadors

Ulli Vilsmaier
Ulli VilsmaierResponsive Research Collective
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Ulli promotes i2Insights during teaching, research development workshops, trainings and the Td Summer School in Europe, Latin America, Africa, Egypt and the Caucasus region.

Ulli brokered the production of the following i2Insights contribution: 'Setting an agenda for transdisciplinary research in Africa by Basirat Oyalowo.
BinBin Pearce
BinBin PearceDelft University of Technology, The Netherlands; Department of Multi-Actor Systems in the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management
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With BinBin’s encouragement three of her students produced the following i2Insights contribution: 'Six lessons from students about transdisciplinary learning' by Irina Dallo, Jan Freihardt and Juanita von Rothkirch.

BinBin assisted Bianca Vienni Baptista in recruiting contributions from participants at the 2021 International Transdisciplinarity conference.
Bianca Vienni Baptista
Bianca Vienni BaptistaETH Zurich, Switzerland; Transdisciplinarity Lab in the Department of Environmental Systems Science
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Bianca helps make i2Insights visible in Latin America, using it as a teaching resource and by encouraging colleagues to write blog posts, as well as to comment on other posts.

Bianca took the lead, assisted by BinBin Pearce in recruiting contributions from participants at the 2021 International Transdisciplinarity conference.
Manal Adel Said Affara
Manal Adel Said AffaraAlexandria University, Egypt; Department of Tourism Guidance
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In expanding knowledge about interdisciplinarity and integration and implementation sciences (i2S) at her university, Manal is promoting i2Insights to increase Egyptian researcher involvement.
Rania Nabih El-Shaheny
Rania Nabih El-ShahenyMansoura University, Egypt; Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Department, Faculty of Pharmacy
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In her role as executive board member for the Egyptian Young Academy of Science, Rania promotes i2Insights through a working group on interdisciplinary research.
Cathy Hobbs
Cathy HobbsIndependent researcher, Cumberland, UK
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Cathy recruits systems thinkers to write for i2Insights.

She brokered the production of the following i2Insights contributions: 'A responsible approach to intersectionality' by Ellen Lewis and Anne Stephens. 'Managing complexity with human learning systems' by Toby Lowe. 'Viable System Model: A theory for designing more responsive organisations' by Angela Espinosa. 'Inclusive Systemic Thinking for transformative change' by Ellen Lewis and Anne Stephens. 'Pragmatism and critical systems thinking: Back to the future of systems thinking' by Michael Jackson.

How i2Insights Ambassadors can help i2Insights blog and repository

We particularly need help to achieve:

  • a global community
    • Important research tackling complex societal and environmental problems is happening in almost all countries. New tools are often developed and existing ones adapted to be effective in local circumstances. We can all benefit from learning about these innovations and adaptations.
    • We need help in recruiting authors, commentators and viewers from countries that are not represented or are under-represented.
    • We need help fostering interaction within the i2Insights community, especially discussion of i2Insights contributions using the commenting function, and also in imaginative new ways.
  • comprehensive coverage of topics that are key to research integration and implementation
    • i2Insights encompasses fourteen main topics, but coverage is uneven. By clicking on “main topics” in the right hand column, you can see how many posts there for each category.
    • We need help in attracting i2Insights contributions covering under-represented main topics at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels.

Examples of ways that Ambassadors can amplify the impact of the work presented in i2Insights, include:

  • Encouraging colleagues to pitch their ideas for i2Insights contributions
  • Suggesting researchers for us to approach, along with topics they can cover
  • Encouraging colleagues to comment on i2Insights contributions relevant to their interests
  • Letting others know about i2Insights blog and repository through talks and social media
  • Running additional social media channels for advertising i2Insights (we currently use Twitter and LinkedIn), eg., Facebook
  • Organising podcasts of i2Insights contributions
  • Organising discussions around i2Insights contributions.

We welcome new imaginative ideas and actions that you would like to implement.

How being an i2Insights Ambassador can help you

Being an i2Insights Ambassador would ideally be a win-win for you and i2Insights. We see at least four opportunities for i2Insights Ambassadors:

  1. Leveraging or building on activities you already undertake, for example, finding suitable blog post authors and topics in journals you read, referring to work from i2Insights in talks you give and highlighting i2Insights contributions in social media you are active in.
  2. Gaining experience or skills in areas of interest, such as learning to run discussions, strengthening your social media presence, learning how to organise podcasts.
  3. Building your networks. i2Insights has a wide range of contributors at all academic levels from university executives to graduate students. Helping us build the community can also help you build your networks.
  4. Expanding your knowledge of tools. i2Insights aims to be comprehensive in its coverage of resources for research tackling complex societal and environmental problems. If you are interested in a particular topic, you can help identify and recruit the best people to produce blog posts about it.