Blog news

From time to time we report news about the blog here. For general information about the blog see the ‘About’ page.

October 12, 2020: 373 authors from 36 countries have contributed blog posts; see the latest blog statistics to end September 2020.

August 14, 2020: We are half-way through reviewing and defining the tags used to index the blog posts. To see the completed tags (and categories), check out the list of terms with definitions.

July 14, 2020: 352 authors from 35 countries have contributed blog posts, see the latest blog statistics to end-June 2020.

May 23, 2020: We upgraded the i2Insights blog today. There is still some tidying up to do and that may mean the blog has to go offline again for short periods over the next few days.

May 14, 2020: We are planning to upgrade the i2Insights blog on Saturday May 23th and Sunday May 24th 2020, which means it will be unavailable for several hours on those days.

This is a major step in improving the look of the blog which unforeseen circumstances have caused us to delay a couple of times. Fingers crossed that we can proceed on our planned dates and that it goes smoothly. You may notice changes to some of the pages in the lead-up to May 23-24.

Changes inevitably produce glitches, so please bear with us. We would be grateful if you would let us know about any problems with this website that you come across.

We are currently also re-indexing the blog, working on the final large step of revising the ‘tags’. This is happening incrementally and we hope will be completed by the end of 2020. You can see what we’ve done so far on the ‘Index’ pages.

April 24, 2020: As described below, we had hoped to improve the look of the blog in the first quarter of 2020. While we have made substantial progress with preparations, this has not been possible, but we hope it will happen in the next few months. Work on the index is progressing as planned.

March 16, 2020: The index is temporarily unavailable. Fixed on 17 March 2020.

January 7, 2020: We have finished recategorising blog posts using ‘main topics.’ Resource types and main topics are two categories used to index each blog post. We are now in the process of updating the ‘tags’ used for each blog post, including providing definitions on the ‘Index’ page. The aim is to provide tags with definitions for each blog post as it is published in 2020 (and beyond) and to gradually revisit and update, where necessary, tags in past blog posts.

December 28, 2019: We have finished recategorising blog posts using ‘resource types’ and are now adding a new parent category of ‘main topics.’

December 22, 2019: We have produced an index, with definitions and examples of the resource types that are used to describe the blog posts.

December 13, 2019: We have started recategorising blog posts, using the following ‘resource types’: cases, concepts, frameworks, methods, processes, state-of-the-blog, theories, toolkits.

December 9, 2019: In the November/December i2S News, we foreshadowed improving the look of the blog over the Christmas – New Year break. That has turned out not to be feasible because of circumstances beyond our control and we now plan to make the changes in the first quarter of 2020.

Thanks: Many thanks to Caryn Anderson for valuable advice in how to re-index the blog.