Blog statistics

The Integration and Implementation Insights (I2Insights) blog is growing steadily. Statistics to the end of December 2016 are reported on this page for:

These will be updated approximately quarterly (next update due in April 2017).

Blog posts

The number of blog posts published per month is shown in the figure below.


Contributors by country

As shown in the figure below, authors from 20 countries have contributed blog posts, as lead or co-authors (each contributor is counted only once, even if they authored and/or co-authored more than one blog post).


Visitors and views per month

Monthly tallies of visitors and views are shown in the figures below. The second figure shows visitors and views adjusted by number of blog posts.



Distribution of Blog Post Views

The figure below shows the distribution of “direct” views that blog posts have received via their unique url. The median number of direct views is between 200 and 299. Six blog posts have been viewed more than 1,000 times. These figures are underestimates, as many blog posts are viewed via the home page rather than their unique url. To end December 2016, 17% of views were via the home page.


Views by country

There were views from 165 countries in 2016, as shown in the figure below (the darker the colour, the more views).


These statistics are drawn from those provided by WordPress, and should be seen as indicative only, given the limitations inherent in gathering such data.