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The following blog posts were highlighted on the blog home page at various times. They are a selection of blog posts on the main topics covered by the blog and provide insights into those topics.


The interplay between knowledge and power / La interacción entre el conocimiento y el poder by Cristina Zurbriggen

Three schools of transformation thinking by Uwe Schneidewind and Karoline Augenstein

Achieving transformational change by Steve Waddell

Scaling up amidst complexity by Ann Larson

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Language matters in transdisciplinarity by Tilo Weber

Sharing integrated modelling practices – Part 1: Why use “patterns”? by Sondoss Elsawah and Joseph Guillaume

Ten communication tips for translational scientists by Sunshine Menezes

Interdisciplinarity and evil – Understanding incommensurability by J. Britt Holbrook

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Designing scenarios to guide robust decisions by Bonnie McBain

Using the concept of risk for transdisciplinary assessment by Greg Schreiner

A new boundary object to promote researcher engagement with policy makers / Un nuevo objeto frontera para promover la colaboración de los investigadores con los tomadores de decisiones by María D. López Rodríguez

Scoping: Lessons from environmental impact assessment by Peter Mulvihill

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Ten lessons from a transdisciplinary PhD program in sustainability development by Marianne Penker

Learning to tackle wicked problems through games / Aprendiendo a hacer frente a problemas perversos a través de los juegos/ Apprendre à affronter les problèmes sournois à travers les jeux by Claude Garcia, Anne Dray and Patrick Waeber

Using the arts and design to build student creative collaboration capacity by Edgar Cardenas

Advice to graduate students on becoming “translational” by Alexis Erwin

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